21 Aug Engaging Guests at your Event

Of course, everyone wants their guests to be engaged with the content, the message, the brand, their peers; whatever it is that the event was designed to do. That’s the dream, but the reality is that this relies on providing the right environment and stimulus to get them involved.

Here are 4 ideas for encouraging participation and inspiring a connection between guests and brands.

1.Using Guests Creativity

Recent events from Spotify, Martha Stewart, and Comedy Central have asked guests to express their creative side through paint parties, giant coloring books, and more.

With the rise in popularity of adult colouring this is a great way to get guests involved and a fun way to convey a message or manipulate interaction with a brand. The opportunity for social interaction is also incredibly high, plus, you’ll have some great post-event collateral.

B&W Room  Colured-Room


2.Making Connections through Experience

One organisation that we work with seems to have got it just right. They invite senior level guests to countries all over the world to do business over experiences, allowing them to connect on a deeper level. A much more powerful way to build relationships and trust.

As well as dealing with emerging industry trends and challenges, they participate in targeted one-to-one experiences.

Delegates commented that at first, they felt guilty for having a nice time away from the office but quickly grasped the benefit of the concept and started to cultivate meaningful business relationships whilst learning new skills.

Connections-Experience  Connections Conference


3.Provide a Social Platform for Engagement

You will have done your utmost to promote your event through social media in the run-up so be sure not to lose that momentum when the event finally kicks off. The hashtags that you have been using become really important when guests are there taking pictures of what an amazing time they’re having, quoting your thought leading speakers, sharing industry news snippets that are being discussed; you want all this engagement to be attributed to you and your event.

Try something like Livewall which enables you to broadcast live from a variety of social networks, showing photos, videos and competitions that you may be running. This can leverage the excitement of a guest as they see their content rebroadcast to the entire event audience and encourage more people to engage.


4.Introduce Augmented Reality

Certainly one of the hottest trends in our industry at the moment, incorporating some Augmented Reality (AR) at your event will certainly get your guests talking!

Just to be clear, AR is a live view of a real-world environment with additional computer-generated information superimposed on to it.

One example we love came from US music festival Coachella who launched an app and then sent festival goers a welcome box containing their festival tickets, entry wristbands, a welcome guide and a Google Cardboard headset. Ahead of the event, the VR app let owners of headsets browse 360o photos from previous festivals and watch interviews from the current year’s line-up of artists.


Sending out of the headsets beforehand would create such a buzz!

There are so many applications for Augmented Reality (and Virtual Reality) at any type of event. For a conference you could record and deliver the keynote speech in 3D, at an exhibition you could incorporate AR onto your stand giving guests a live experience of your product or services (e.g. Hidden Creative found people are 135% more likely to buy when looking at the AR version of a product than when seeing the product image alone). For each of these a AR/VR app could be created too.


Although it is argued that engagement is notoriously difficult to measure and doesn’t always guarantee value, it is sure to say that the more engaged your guests are with your event – the more they are talking about it, the more the message reaches them, the more positive they are about it, the more they act like advocates – the better that is for you!


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